Privé, the specialist of round silos to store cereals since 1958

In 1946, Georges and Daniel Privé founded Privé SA. Since 1958, the design and manufacturing
of round silos made in corrugated galvanized steel became its main activity.
Today, Privé is reknowned worldwide for the quality of its silos.

Privé SA manufactures silos in Châlons en Champagne, in France, 200km east of Paris. This location near to the northern European harbours facilitates the shipment to Europe and Africa, by trucks or by Containers.
Privé silos are « Made in France ».

Who are we?

Customer satisfaction and the following up to the completion of the silo project during the realization of its silo: these are the Privé commitments. Every customer has a personalized service from the commercial department until the filling of the silos and until the end of its storage facilities. Privé answers rapidly to the request for quotations.

Privé has always been in advance in the design of innovating equipment, such, as for example, since 1978, the manufacturing of wall sheets with a corrugation 104x12mm, which makes the flow of grain easier than a deep corrugation, as well as the Venticône®, created by the engineers of Privé in 1985.

environmental constraints.

PRIVÉ equipment is covered by a 10 year warranty (ask for conditions of application).

A quality process

Design department
Design department
Privé has 2 teams in its design department :

> A team dedicated to the improvement of the products. This team works closely with the official control institution to validate the design criteria according to the French and European norms, and also to the norms of the countries outside of Europe.

> A team dedicated to the design of the ordered silos. This team works specifically on the design of the catwalks and access to the silos. Privé designs and manufactures all the catwalks and junctions to the other parts of the storage facility. This team works closely with the manufacturers of handling equipment to adapt the access to the specificity of each handling manufacturer.

Privé is ISO 9001 certified since 2009. Within the frame of the ISO norm, Privé measures constantly the efficiency of each process inside the factory, and modifies these processes to improve their efficiency with the target being the most customer satisfaction.


Since July 2014, the CE certification is compulsory to sell steel building constructions in Europe. This certification imposes to the manufacturers a more accurate control of the manufacturing processes, weldings; and a perfect traceability of all the components (steel, bolts).

Privé SA manufactures the silos with recent and efficient machines. An important stock of steel allows short lead-times.

Erection on site
Erection on site
Every silo is delivered with a specific erection manual.

The investment of a silo is only useful if it is erected rapidly before the harvest or before import commitments of the customer. That is why Prive SA and the Prive dealers can propose a solution for the erection of the silos.