Project Description

Flat bottom industrial silos – OS range

These silos must be constructed on a flat slab. The standard design is for central and gravity emptying. They are designed to store any kind of dry and easy flowing cereals (wheat, maize, barley, rye, soya beans, field peas, rice, sunflower, rape seeds…). For some applications a specific design is necessary (oilseed cake, industrial pellets, wood pellets…).


The cylinders are made from high tensile galvanized steel class S350GD or S390GD, with a high rate of galvanization Z600. The steel comes from European steelmakers. The welded parts are hot dip galvanized. The flat corrugation 104x12mm allows a better flow of the grain along the walls and limits the dust retention.

According to the size of the silo, the stiffener shape is of “Ω” or “C”. They are placed outside with a distance of 93cm between each row.

The bolts are from class 8.8 or 10.9, according to the required resistance. The bolts are hot dip galvanized by soaking in melting zinc, resulting in the zinc being very thick. Rubber seals are used for tight sealing of the silo. The silo is anchored to the foundation with anchor bolts and flanges, allowing the movement of the base of the silo, when necessary, during the filling and emptying of the silo.

The frame is made from galvanized steel Z600. The covering panels are made of Aluzinc AZ185 that has a very good resistance to corrosion. For some specific requirements, the roofs can be made of painted galvanised steel. The roof panels are ribbed for a better mechanical resistance and tightness. The roofs can be designed to support heavy loads of snow and temperature probes.

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The catwalks and all accesses are designed and manufactured by Privé. They are made of galvanized steel Z600. The width of the catwalks can be adjusted according to the type and the load of the handling equipment.
For small size silos, it is possible to install a perforated Venticone® with a slope of 28° or 45°. The Venticone® facilitates the emptying by gravity and the aeration of the grain. For large silos, it is necessary to make air channels to be covered by Ventilames® VL500 GRAIN manufactured by Privé.

Technical characteristics

Privé silos are available in a large range of height and diameter (see table of capacities). Sometimes, Privé must adapt the silo to the special environmental characteristics (wind, snow, seism).

Privé silos are designed according the following norms:
– Norm NFP 22-630 of 1992
– DIN 1055 part 6 of 1987(wheat, maize, barley)
– EUROCODE 1-4 action on structures (wheat, maize, barley)
High tensile steel S350GD or S390GD with a high level of galvanisation Z600. The roof panels are made of Aluzinc AZ185

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