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Perforated floors have an air passage of 23%.

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Perforated floors

Perforated floors are an effective alternative to Venticônes®. They provide perfect ventilation over the entire silo surface.

Privé SA has been manufacturing perforated flooring since 1970. 

Perforated floors are made of Z275 galvanized steel.

Privé perforated floors consist of a set of floorboards for the cell surface. The diameter of the ventilation holes is 1.3 mm. The perforation is suitable for cereals and rapeseed.

Perforated floor supports have a top edge bent at 90° to avoid shearing the floorboards. 

The height of the perforated floor's galvanized supports is 340 mm or 475 mm, and the height under the floor is 295 mm or 430 mm. 

All sealing strips between the cylinder and the floorboards are included in the Privé offer. Ventilation inlets can be 340 mm or 500 mm in diameter, and conveyor inlets 550 mm high and 625 mm wide. 

The narrow gap between the perforated floorboards prevents grain and impurities from getting trapped between the boards.

The sweeper auger hooks onto the grooved flaps on the periphery of the floor, preventing the auger from slipping.

Privé SA has been manufacturing silos in France for over 60 years.

Privé SA exports 50% of its production.

Privé SA is ISO 9001 certified.

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Privé SA has a network of dealers. 

Depending on your project, we can provide you with the contact details of an installer who can send you a quotation for a complete installation (silos, elevators, conveyors, reception pit, etc.) or we can send you a quotation. 

Privé SA manufactures all its products in France, in the Marne department, at Châlons-en-Champagne (200 km east of Paris). 

Privé SA offers a 10-year warranty on its installations (see GTC).

Privé SA can sell equipment ex works or deliver it directly to the worksite.

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