13,33 m

A Venticône ® can be installed on a silo up to 13.33 m in diameter.

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Silo ventilation and emptying: the Venticône®.

Venticône® functions

In a silo, the stored product is emptied by gravity. The Venticône ® is a conical structure placed at the bottom of the silo. This equipment offers many advantages over a flat bottom.

The Venticône ® is designed to empty the silo completely by gravity and to ventilate the grain.

When the product is stored in a flat-bottomed silo, a residual slope is formed during emptying via the central trough. The residual slope is the grain remaining in the silo after emptying by gravity. Residual slope may vary in volume depending on the physical properties of the product. Residual sludge can cause problems for grain storage (mold, pests, etc.), so the silo must be cleaned regularly. Venticône ® allows almost complete emptying of grain by gravity.

With a Venticône ®, there's no need for a sweeping screw. Manual emptying of the residual slope exposes the silo operator to mycotoxins, which constitutes a hazard. The Venticône ® allows grain to be ventilated, and improves food hygiene for consumers and livestock, as the grain is not in contact with the concrete (unlike flat storage). 

The time saved enables the farmer to carry out work with greater added value.

The Venticône ® also provides ventilation for stored products such as wheat, corn, barley, rye, soybeans... The cone elements have 1.6 mm deep gills to facilitate ventilation. If necessary, the cone elements have pan-head bolts for easy emptying.
The operator can easily clean the underside of the Venticône ®.

In short, the Venticône ® is a silo equipment with many advantages.

Privé SA has been manufacturing silos in France for over 60 years.

Privé SA exports 50% of its production.

Privé SA is ISO 9001 certified.

Venticônes® models

Venticône®® products

Venticônes® can be floor-mounted, with the stored grain taken up by a screw inserted into the side of the cylinder and descending to the center of the cell. The screw can be permanently installed in the cell, or used on several silos, to reduce investment costs. 

For a Venticône® on the floor, the outlet diameter is 500 mm.
Venticônes ® can be raised to allow the conveyor to pass through.

For a raised Venticône®, the outlet diameter is 250 to 440 mm.
Venticônes® have a 28°, 45° or 60° slope, depending on the product stored.

If the Venticône® is intended for storage of a product that does not require ventilation (wood pellets, etc.), the cone elements are not equipped with vents.

Venticônes® dimensions


Venticônes ® can be installed in Privé silos up to a diameter of 13.33 m

Venticônes ® can be installed in new or existing Privé silos.

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