🏭 We were honored to welcome Matthieu JehlCEO of Arcelor Mittal France.

A new opportunity for Jean-Michel PRIVECEO of PRIVÉ SA, Dimitri PRIVÉDGD, Eric FRANQUETProduction Manager and ARNAUD HIBONPurchasing Manager to present the manufacture of silos for storing cereals 🌾🌱🌽

Is it really necessary to present ArcelorMittal France ?
🇫🇷 France's number 1#steel ! 🦾 Annual steel production capacity of 11 million tonnes with 15,350 employees, 40 production sites and 3 R&D facilities. The production of#steel supplies :
🚗 Automotive,
🥫 Packaging,
🏗 Construction.

This last category is where we come in.
And we must introduce PRIVÉ SA ?
🇫🇷 France's #1 manufacturer of #silo steel silos for storing #cereals and #wood pellets ! 💪 More than 50% of production exported to #Europe #Europe and #Africa #Africa with 100 employees, 2 production sites in #ChâlonsEnChampagne and 1 R&D office. PRIVATE silos store :
🌾 Cereals (Wheat, Corn, Barley, Rapeseed, Quinoa, ...)
🌳 Wood pellets, shavings, sawdust, wood chips.
♻ Plastics.

With targets of -35% CO2 in Europe by 2030 and -40% in France, and carbon neutrality by 2050, Matthieu JEHL returned to the three paths that are revolutionizing steel production:
♻️ developing the share of recycled steel,
💡 using hydrogen instead of coal,
🏭 capture of residual CO2.

PRIVÉ SA has placed its trust in Arcelor Mittal for several decades.
Thank you Matthieu Jehl, Emmanuelle Belpaire, Eric DINET and Gilles Lacroix for your commitment!

ArcelorMittal France ArcelorMittal PRIVÉ SA Styl'inov®
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Privé SA has been manufacturing silos in France for over 60 years.

Privé SA exports 50% of its production.

Privé SA is ISO 9001 certified.



Privé SA has a network of dealers. 

Depending on your project, we can provide you with the contact details of an installer who can send you a quotation for a complete installation (silos, elevators, conveyors, reception pit, etc.) or we can send you a quotation. 

Privé SA manufactures all its products in France, in the Marne department, at Châlons-en-Champagne (200 km east of Paris). 

Privé SA offers a 10-year warranty on its installations (see GTC).

Privé SA can sell equipment ex works or deliver it directly to the worksite.

98, avenue du Général Patton
51000 Châlons-en-Champagne

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